American Homeless Veterans Foundation
"There are over 107,000 homeless Veteran in the United States and 1.5 million at risk of becoming homeless." Dept. of Veteran Affairs
We have the resources to solve our problem. But the question is, do we have the will?
About AHVF

What We Are About:

AHVF is committed to President Obama’s goal of eradicating homelessness among Veterans by 2015.

The success of our organization is measured by these questions:

(1) Are the lives of the Veterans we come in contact with positively impacted by our work; and (2) Are the number of Homeless Veterans being reduced as a result of our actions.

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How You Can Help

The American Homeless Veterans Foundation’s work will expand to take on new challenges in additional regions of the country. As our programs grow, so does our understanding of how much work there is to do. We can’t do it alone.  If you know a Veteran at risk of homelessness or see a homeless Veteran call 1-877-4AID-VET (1-877-424-3838).

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The Song

“Reaching for You”
The Story, The Voices, The Message.

Play “Reaching For You” Clip or Download the song from iTunes here

“Reaching for You” was written by Darrell Bogan with input from Jason Brown. 

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